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enter In 2018 I designed UX Experiments and Features that would grow Atlassian Community to over 3 million monthly users from 1.2 million monthly users.

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go to link At the beginning we wanted to shoot for some general quantifiable goals which would keep Atlassian products user retention high and healthy.


http://pepsmagazine.com/wp-cron.php?doing_wp_cron=1642545238.3600969314575195312500 Our work would come from an inventory of defined hypotheses which would potentially increase monthly active users and user signups.

Ordering Phentermine Online From these hypotheses, A/B tests would be designed, tested, and then implemented.

http://printculture.com/author/roblin-meeks/ For each experiment, we would create alternates that would be tested through Optimizely. With each test, we would take the winners and implement them into production.

go site Experiment variations

follow Through this process we would test for elements such as copy, location, interaction, and color. Furthermore, each test would isolate for a minimum of variation in order to get clear results.

click here We also expanded our testing to account for different degrees of gated content as well. 

Buy Phentermine Powder HYPOTHESis outcomes

Can You Buy Prescription Phentermine Online Each test had it’s own outcomes. If you’d like, check out the following questions and the specific goals and outcomes associated with each question. If not, continue scrolling to see my feature work for Atlassian Community below.

Can I Buy Phentermine Online Safely How do we increase signups from an active discussion?

go here How do we drive signups from a collection of posts about a product?

follow url Experiment 3

What is the best method of capturing new users from the homepage?

Experiment 5

How do we introduce groups to community?

Experiment 6

Does gating content lead to more signups?


For each feature on the roadmap we would define the features main problem and document inside of Confluence. Sparring and feedback sessions were common practice so as to quickly iterate through solutions.

Much of our work around the UI involved superflags and the various contexts that they could appear throughout the platform. We wanted to encourage activity but be cautious of getting in the way of certain kinds of visitors.


Superflags are used all over Atlassian Community and can be implemented in a lot of scenarios so we wanted to provide a guideline to make sure we’re sticking to Atlassian design principles as well as keep true to the original intent behind the superflag.

Atlassian groups

My second largest project on Community was working on Groups & Group Events and creating a set of landing pages that solves the problem of providing Atlassian users with the most relevant event and group information.

Additionally, we wanted to make components out of this ‘card’ and implement it throughout different areas on the site so that we can create pathways to get users to these pages.


Apart from solving Community user problems, internally we were routinely adding new components that would fit into the larger Atlassian ecosystem.


My last project at Atlassian was creating a profile view that could gather more data inputs, which are relevant to our userbase. Since a lot of users tend to be skilled in agile methodology and highly specialized software positions, we emphasized Industry Type, Accepted Solutions, and Atlassian Products. This gathers the most critical data points while setting up for the full-featured profile.

Without a doubt the Community Team succeeded in increasing the monthly active users and we overshot our original goal by a significant margin. This has helped contribute to incredible amounts of growth for Atlassian and Atlassian products since these numbers are directly correlated to customer satisfaction and user retention (community.atlassian.com metrics courtesy of Semrush).

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