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In 2015 I performed user research, user testing, and interface & platform design for a rehabilitation treadmill for victims of stroke and recovering professional athletes that helped secure $15million in added investment capital.

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Empathize & Discover

Problem Definition

How do we create a rehabilitation digital experience for an innovative treadmill that makes it easier for physical therapists to treat major and minor injuries for different types of patients in order to improve their ability to walk and run.



Being able to replicate the in-session experience for our patients meant creating a high-fidelity prototype that we could fit into the new AlterG machine display and get real qualitative feedback from patients and therapists alike.

We also took this as an opportunity to walk in the shoes of our patients to see if there were any practical considerations we might have overlooked.

When patients and physical therapists would stand in the machine or in the case of physical therapists, to the side, we would demonstrate the major flows of the Alter G according to their persona.

Along the way, we would ask them questions and try to understand better why certain tasks and experiences are intuitive or satisfactory.

We also gathered feedback about our web experience as well to see if physical therapists could see themselves working with the Alter G platform overall.


Through this process we learned that patients enjoy the treadmill experience overall and can see the value in understanding their pain score as well as the improvements they could be tracking.

However, physical therapists had a difficult time adapting their own work process to the machine and many therapists had specific protocols and procedures that didn’t line up perfectly with the processes implied in the digital experience.

Meaning that a one-size fits all solution may not be applicable or possible for every physical therapist.


REfine solution

After performing this research and then testing with therapists, it was clear that the physical therapist and patient experience should be separate from one another and not contained in one display (see above).

Through our insights gathered through design process, and putting PT’s in front of the prototype, it would have been impossible for Alter G to go to market with a high-confidence product.

To date AlterG continues to sell thousands of the digital M/F320 flagship treadmill, has gathered investments exceeding $55million  and has expanded much of their product line with the physical therapist workflow as a top priority in the overall product experience.



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