A New Declaration
of Principles

After working on anything and everything, from design to development, to agile sprints and user research and everything in between, I’ve learned a lot about what design really is, and what it means to me as a person. These are my new rules to live by.

5 years

in 30 Seconds

Past Clients

Past Outcomes

Increasing Monthly Active Users

Increasing User Signups

Rehabing Stroke Patients

Increasing Sales with Machine Learning

Design Thinking

Big words right? Is it nonsense? Not at all. Design thinking is the process of understanding customers as well as the business problems at hand while validating those solutions. Design thinking lives in the problem. Holistic design thinking takes into account all the facets of a business, and identifies the real problem(s) a business is solving for a customer. So that means not working in a silo and doing away with our biases and preconceived solutions. We all live in the problem first.

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It costs lots of money and heartache to go down the wrong direction for your business. What if you could easily validate what you want to do with what’s possible? What if your designers were champions for your businesses quantifiable metrics? Strategy clears the path, and gives you a clear road to the finish line.

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It’s easier than ever to make a “website”, but your website doesn’t exist in a bubble anymore. People aren’t introduced to your brand through your homepage very often and your website has become a tool for your organization’s key players. See how I go about creating a stack that allows you to have a great cross platform presence, but also enables your organization to do what they do best.

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A New Attitude for a

New Age

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